Shoes that do their job. So that you can do yours.

When people who bear responsibility are focused and committed to their work, abeba has a supporting role. Because our footwear is there to help our customers do their jobs with lasting ease.

Our occupational and safety footwear is predominantly all about protection and safety. From year to year, the focus shifts more and more from minimum requirements to perfect wearing comfort and attractive styling. We work on this every day: founded 80 years ago in Saarland, we have been delivering all over the world for decades. In addition, we have been one of the market leaders in the ESD and cleanroom sector since 1988. With continuous healthy growth, today the brands abeba, Protektor and Grom form the abeba group.

Can a work shoe fit if you have to think about it all the time?

Certainly not. It should carry you enduringly, not be noticeable and simply ensure that you walk safely and comfortably through the working day. Only when you put it on and take it off may you give the modern design a brief satisfied smile. That's exactly how it is with our shoes, and that's exactly why so many truly love their abebas.

Everything is about your wants, your needs. We take a bow with our shoes to the services your feet provide every day. Since there are more important things to do in your workday than deal with stressed feet, we promise to carry you through your day with ease.

Your abeba team