Abeba means better mobility in your daily life!

In the technological development of our shoes, we also integrate all our knowledge of safety and ergonomics. We know that a large part of our health rests on our feet.

That‘s why we‘re giving them our full attention. Not only do they have to carry us for a lifetime, but they provide us with important information that is transmitted in milliseconds to
our control centre, the brain. 70,000 sensors detect how we stand and coordinate our walking.

In the development of our shoes, we integrate all this knowledge to make walking easier: Information between the ground and the foot is gathered and transmitted through the shoe.

We have managed to optimize the different information elements of this chain:
• better foot support
• an ergonomic scroll
• an energy input at every step is the result of our new development
The inside of the shoe has also evolved thanks to the new insole technology.

We can achieve faster muscle reaction (Proprioception) through a 3-point system in the shoe, which has the effect of straightening the wearer‘s posture. This results in a better posture and easier walking.
Proprioception (from the Latin proprius „proper“ and recipere „that receives, made to receive“) describes the perception of the movement and position of the body in space or the position of different parts of the body in relation to each other.

As people sweat up to 240 millilitres of water through their feet in a day when walking, we have developed interchangeable (antibacterial) insoles.

It is also possible to wear individual orthopaedic insoles (also wedges), as the shoes are certified according to DGUV 112/191.

In ancient Egypt, it was already known, when building the pyramids, that it was the foundation that mattered!

Our foundation is our feet. They are made up of 26 bones, tendons, ligaments and muscles. 70,000 sensors are located at our feet and transmit information to us in milliseconds.

The conditions on the ground, the regulation in the control system - it works like a gyropod and doesn‘t let us down.

The strength of our company lies in the special attention it pays to the protection and health of the feet.

For the first time, the technology of lamella soles in the shoe allows a more direct interaction between the ground and the foot.

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