A-micro is an innovative high-tech material which is especially water-resistant and breathable. It even surpasses hydrophobic leather. It is washable up to 30°C without shrinking and anti-bacterial, which is making it perfect for the use in hygienic sensitive areas. Additionally it can be equipped with various treatments such as silver ions. Due to its special structure it is light and smooth but at the same time very tearproof and resistant. A-micro replicates leather visually without turning yellow due to direct sunlight.


Cordura® is a robust polyamide fabric that combines the advantages of natural and synthetic fibres. The base of Cordura® is a nylon yarn. To make the smooth nylon fabric more pleasant to the touch, it is textured.

To do this, the cut polyamide fibres are re-spun and then woven. The result is a wavy structure, which is also found in natural fibres such as wool or cotton.

This special treatment allows to combine the advantages of synthetic and natural fibres in a single material and reinforce them.

Cordura® has greater abrasion resistance than conventional nylon, so the material can be stressed during a longer period without major wear.

Cordura® is water repellant and dries quickly.

Cordura® is a registered trademark of the Swiss company Invista, a subsidiary of Koch Industries Inc.