A-micro is an innovative high-tech material which is especially water-resistant and breathable. It even surpasses hydrophobic leather. It is washable up to 30°C without shrinking and anti-bacterial, which is making it perfect for the use in hygienic sensitive areas. Additionally it can be equipped with various treatments such as silver ions. Due to its special structure it is light and smooth but at the same time very tearproof and resistant. A-micro replicates leather visually without turning yellow due to direct sunlight.

run dry

With run-dry a new, multifunctional compact material has been designed. A total composite constructed from 3 materials that includes several features. It’s an unique triad of innovative materials made from an high tech non wouven fabric placed between a highly abrasion resistant and water repellent upper material and a moisture absorbing lining material. All of this gives run-dry a new dimension of multifunctionality.
Active on inside and outside, foot sweat is transported away and moisture does not pe­ne­trate. Other advantages are a high level of breathability, fast drying and a noticeable highest class wearing comfort.