Individual and certified.

ORTHOstat is the latest individual orthopaedic insole from ABEBA according to EN ISO 20345:2011 and 20347:2012. Do you wear certified shoes and need an individually customised orthopaedic insole? The BG Regulation 191 revised in 2007 prescribes that shoes used with customised orthopaedic insoles still have to meet the requirements of the EN ISO 20345:2011 or EN ISO 20347: 2012 standard.

ABEBA was the first to recognize this problem, find solutions and continues to improve them. In close cooperation with the orthopedic company  we have developed insoles which can be adapted individually. (

 ABEBA occupational or safety shoes remain certified according to EN ISO 20347:2012 or 20345:2011(please refer to individual article descriptions).

Standards – more than just numbers, they offer safety!The personal protective equipment (PPE) guidelines guarantee your safety at work.