Slip resistance

EN ISO 20344-20347:2012

In 2004 the standards EN ISO 20344-20347:2004 have been introduced, supplemented in 2007 by appendix A, concerning requests for slip resistance which are now regulated by the latest standards EN ISO 20344-20347:2012.

For testing the slip resistance, the shoe is fixed in different positions in a measuring device and is drawn over various test floorings. The established value is called slip coefficient.

Tests are performed on various flooring materials such as ceramic tiles with SLS and steel floor with glycerol. Depending on the result of the tested shoe on ceramic tiles or steel floor or even on both, the slip resistance is classified into SRA, SRB or SRC. In standard EN ISO 13287:2007, replacing DIN 4843 part 100 earlier used in Germany, the testing
processes are described in detail.

For more information please contact any authorised test and certification institute.


 SLIP RESISTANCE EN ISO 20344-20347:2012

SRASlip resistance on floors with ceramic tiles with SLS (sodium lauryl ether sulfate solution)
SRBSlip resistance on steel floor with glycerol
SRC Slip resistance on floor with ceramic tiles with SLS and on steel floor with glycerol (SRC = SRA + SRB)